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ATM security Tips: What To Do When Attacked In The ATM Stand.

Good day my lovely readers.

Security has always been one of our major priority, that's why we always tend to take measures that helps us get secured.

 Today, I will be focusing on ATM security. Its no longer new that a lot has been robbed in the ATM stand or people have been defrauded in the ATM stand which is really bad. 

Even though banks have claimed that they integrate CCTV cameras on ATM, still people get robbed of their money. I have heard a lot of instances whereby you will be told to or will be forced to redraw all your money on gunpoint and definitely, you dont have choice than to do so unless you are risking your life.

There are some security tips you need to know based on ATM usage to prevent being robbed and I will be focusing on just one which is the most important here, though not all ATM has this feature, but most ATM have it. Its actually involves creating an alarm when needed or calling the police for aid.

All you need to do is to follow the steps clearly and its should be noted that not all ATM has this new feature, we just need to be careful of the kind of ATM we use.


1. When someone walks up to you asking you to slot your ATM card and redraw all your money, its shouldn't be the time to panic. Kindly slot in your card.

2. When its time to input your password, this is the most critical part; maybe your password is 1234, what you should input instead is 4321.

3. When you do this, the ATM machine will freeze and it will be unable to dispense cash again, this will now automatically involve the police.

4. All need to do is to wait for the police depending on how effective this technology is in your country. In rare cases, the attacked notice this and leaves the scene.

Like I said earlier that this feature is not effective in all countries and ATMs, countries like united states of America, United Kingdom and all other technology oriented countries will have this feature and its will be very effective.

There are other security tips I will list now, its important that you know all of them.

✔️Make sure nobody is watching you when you are inputting your password.

✔️ Be conscious of your environment and make sure you notice the kind of movement going on.

✔️Its advisable that you don't go to the ATM at night.

✔️There are other ways to redraw, transfer, deposit money rather than going to ATM such as the mobile app or going to your bank to redraw is very much safe.

✔️ Lately, dont give anyone your card to redraw for you. Very important.

Now you have seen the security measures to take when using the ATM stand,
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Facebook Facial Recognition Feature: How To Activate And Deactivate It.[Best Review]

Good day my lovely readers.

Just as the days go by, new and advanced technologies are being developed. Now, we have been expecting these feature on facebook long ago.

In recent times, facebook has deleted lots of accounts that tends to impersonate. For example if you search for "ini Edo facebook Page", you will see slot of search results. This is the hand work of impersonators and we all know that the welfare known actress only have one page or none. 

The work of impersonators online is to deceive people or to scam people by demanding for money. This is the reason why I advise people that if you want to follow any celebrity on online, it's necessary you follow them via their instagram handle.

For example, Davido's instagram handle has about 4million followers, no other person could impersonate that. 

    Apparently, facebook  face recognition is a new feature that aims to protect the privacy of people by getting them notified when ever someone illegally uploads your pictures without your approved permission. 

Facebook finally rolls out face recognition feature. This feature was announced as at December 2017 and finally it's was integrated as at Feb 2018.

Facebook actually want to protect the privacy of its users that's why the CEO of facebook came up with this development.

This new technology will help to prevent impersonation online. When someone uploads your photos without your permission or your consent, you will get a notification that someone has uploaded your photo. 

This happen when you were not tagged in the photo, I think this is a new and good development from facebook.

Now, this feature as we all know is already available of all facebook users irrespective of the time you registered on facebook, your gender, your constant usage on facebook, this feature has been enable for all facebook users. If you have noticed, when scrolling on your news feeds, you would have seen an information about the new facebook facial recognition as seen in the screenshot. 

The facebook team has already turned this feature for all its users. So you don't need to activate it again. If you wish to turn this facebook facial recognition feature off, simply follow the steps below.


This procedure is for those that are using the facebook Mobile App. Please note that when you deactivate this feature, nobody not will be able to tag you on any photo, so make your decisions.

1. Run down to your profile. I.e the place where you will access your photos, your timeline and your friends.

2. Next, on the top left corner of the app, click on the more button 

3. You will see three options,  click on view privacy shortcuts. This take you to your privacy settings where you can modify some settings.

4. Scroll down and you will see more settings, click on it. 

5. This will take you to your main settings, scroll down and you will see face recognition settings. Click on it. 

6. You will see a summary on what this feature is all about proceeding with a toggle option that's allows you to either activate or deactivate this feature, so make your choice. 

So you have known everything about this new feature developed by facebook, activating and deactivating it. 

What can you say about this. 
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List Of Phones That Will Support Android 9 Or Android P.

Good day my lovely readers.

I recently talked about the release of android 9.0 and i talked about phones that might support the version.

Like i said before, these phones are yet to be confirmed, but i assure you that 90% of these phones will support android 9.0.

Read also.....Android 9.0 release date.


1. Nokia Android device.

2. Samsung Android device.

3. LG Android device.

4. Sony Android device.

5. HTC Android device.

6. Xiomi Smartphone.

For now, these are the smartphones that will get android p update or might with it in future  productions.

For infinix, tecno, itel, and other smartphones might not get updates on Android p this is because we haven't heard or seen cases where any of these phones has gotten android 8.0 updates. 

So you have seen the android devices that might come with android p. 

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Android 9.0, Reviews, Release Dates And Phones That Will Run On Android P.

Good day my lovely readers.

Just as the days pass by, new discoveries are been discovered. Android is at it again, android 9.0 which is going to be the next version of Android.

Android being the most used operating system world wide has decided to take technology to the next level, even if iyd being competitive with IOS, alot of people still prefer android OS to any other OS due to the fact that its more easy to understand.

We can now tell that 70% are running in android OS.

If you have noticed something about android versions, they are always in alphabetical order and the names are kinds of food.
Just take a review of all android versions....

☑️Android Donut (v1.6)

☑️Android Eclair (v2.0)

☑️Android Froyo (v2.2)

☑️Android Gingerbread (v2.3)

☑️Android Honeycomb (v3.0)

☑️Android Ice Cream Sandwich (v4.0)

☑️Android Jelly Bean (v4.1)

☑️Android KitKat (v4.4)

☑️Android Lollipop (v5.0)

☑️Android Marshmallow (v6.0)

☑️Android Nougat (v7.0)

☑️Android Oreo (v8.0)

Now the next version of Android is definitely going to be android 9.0, though the official name is yet to be released. But i suggest its gonna be Android peanut butter, due to the fact that the next letter is P and its a food also. 

We cant actually wait for the release of this andriod version. There have been a rumor that android 9.0 is going to be released  on May 2018 based on rumors.


Based on rumors, it was said that every phone that will come with andriod 9.0 will be equipped with call recording, i know this is not new but its going to be in a unique way. 

Another rumor that was heard was that phones running on android 9.0 will be more efficient and effective.


The phones that will run and receive updates on android 9.0nis unpredictable, but i have successfully drafted out specific phones that is most likely to run on the latest version of android and its going to be on my next post, so do well to visit this blog to know the phones. 

We should also expect and Android 10.0, can you guess the name and the release date for Android 10.0? Hmmm

Now you have known what android 9.0 will look like, the features and you are yet to know the phones that will run on android 9.0.

Honestly i can't wait for this update...

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How To Detect Fake Tecno Phones And Batteries.[Right Way]

Good day my lovely viewers.

Tecno mobile has been one of the phones used by thousands of people, most especially in African countries.

When you don't buy Tecno phones in recommend stores, it is necessary to check if what you bought is original or clone. 

In fact , fake Tecno phones are going rampart in the market now, that's why you need to check if the phone is original or not. 

You can also check if the battery is original, the battery is one of the most cloned accessories in market, so I going to show you how to identify fake Tecno phones and batteries.


1. Get the proposed Tecno phone, Dial *#06# to check your Imei, copy down one of them.

2. Log on to your browser.

3. Go to 

4. Input your Imei you copied down.

5. Click on submit.

6. If you get a message like Welcome to use original phone it means its original, if not, it's fake.


1. Get the serial number found at the back of your phone or battery.

2. Log on to and input your serial number.

3. If you get a message like Welcome to use original battery then congrats the battery is original.

So these are the simple steps to identify fake Tecno phones and batteries, don't buy cloned phones, check before you buy.

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How Whatsapp Makes Their Money[Amazing]

Good day my lovely viewers.

WhatsApp was founded in 2009 by Brian Actonand Jan Koum. The app usually allows users to upload their phone contact  and the ability to message anyone who has the app installed at zero cost. The app is available for iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, Windows Phones, Nokia phones. 

A lot of people don’t know how the most powerful social media Whatsapp make their money. And it is so obvious that the proposed social media does not contain any advert also known as ads such as Google ads, sponsored ads and many more. People think that Whatsapp don't make any money from their app, lol, they make millions yearly. Read on... 

Unlike facebook and instagram that contains loads of ads which fetches income for them. 

Whatsapp which has over 1billion users worldwide and expected to contain some ads which till today it has no advert. But today am exposing the secrete behind Whatsapp I.e. the secrete behind their massive income they make.

The number way the make money is via selling our data. Do you know that, most of our contacts are being sold to telecommunications companies, the messages and media files are being sold out? This is the reason why you should be careful of what you send on Whatsappp. 

Now when we chat we consume data when we send images we consume data when we send documents, videos, apps etc these consumes data these data is being converted to physical money how? It might be that 1kb=0.001$ now when you use 10mb your network provider e.g. MTN airtel will first take their share then the reaming will go to Whatsapp. This is what people thinks but I don't really agree to that. The data we use has nothing to do with their income.

Do you know that Whatsappis not free in some countries forget the fact that we Nigerians are enjoying Whatsapp for free countries like India pay $1 or more per year to renew their account and if there are about 1million people using Whatsapp in India you know how much Whatsapp will make a year and it’s not only India that pays per year other countries do also. Whatsappp wanted to start that subscription in Nigeria, but there has always been an excuse.

Now in Google play store there is a certain amount of downloads you will reach and Google starts paying you actually the number of downloads is 500,000—1,000,000 downloads then Google start paying you. This is apparently a way Whatsapp make their money. Though to reach 500,000 downloads on Google Play Store is not easy at all.

So you now know how Whatsapp make their money. Your friends might not know this, why don’t you share to your friends. If you have other means they get their money you can drop your comments.

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