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Pattern lock for pc 2018

Good day my lovely readers.
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Have you ever wished to lock your pc using pathern method? I think this post of for you. Am going to be teaching you how you can lock your pc using pattern just like android device.

Though you will need to download a software for this.
Pattern lock for pc is actually an emulated kind of android pattern lock, its the same with android pattern


1. First download Maze lock for Windows HERE

2. Open the EXE file and you will see a new window with a pattern of Z drawn by default. You can either use this pattern
or click on Reset Pattern to draw a new pattern.

3. Now draw your preferred pattern and then click on OK, you will be asked to re-enter the same pattern and then save the backup of that pattern lock in case you forget your pattern.

4. Next click on General tab and click on Auto-Lock at Windows startup and turn that on. 

5. You can also change the background of the Maze lock screen to make it look more cool and fantastic. To do that, Just click on the Background tab and browse to the location of the image and press OK.

These is just a simple way to set up pattern lock for PC.
Hopefully this is helpful.
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10 Signs That Your Pc Has A Virus.

Good day my lovely readers.

Viruses has always been one of pc users gratest fear as it can frustrate and damge your pc completely.

But how will you know that your pc has a virus?
I have drafted out 10 signs that your pc has a virus. 


1. Pc speed tends to reduce drastically.

2. Very low click speed response.

3. Pc tends to freeze constantly.

4. Antivirus software update tends to stop. 

5. Hard drive start malfunctioning.

6. Unable to print suddenly.

7. Constant warning on computer screen.

8. Irritating pop up ads on pc screen.

9. Unable to download and install antivirus.

10. Desktop icons start disappearing.

So when you start noticing such signs, just know that your pc likely has a virus.
The solution for this is to backup and flash your pc.

Lastly be careful when visiting sites, cos some of them are malicious.

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