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Mtn, Airtel, Glo And 9mobile Free Browsing Cheats May 2018.[Review]

Good  day my lovely readers.

Happy new month everyone.
This month shall be a month of prosperity in our lives.

Everyone is always looking for a way to browse for free, sometimes when free browsing tricks comes up, some guys don't love to unleash it due to the fact that it might get blocked. For example, a lot of cheats have gotten blocked because they post them on nairaland and there are agents in nairaland.

Only few bloggers like we, do release those free browsing tricks. Another thing is that when free browsing tricks is available, we should endeavor not to post on sites like nairaland and many other popular social networks and forums.

For this month of May, we will try and work hard to get free browsing tricks for all networks, so what you just need to the stay glued to this blog.

The cheats listed below is based on review of most of the cheats that worked for us between last year and this year. Most of them are not working anymore but we are still trying to get new cheats.

So MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile free browsing cheat for May 2018 will be updated on this page, so bookmark this page and refresh this page always.


Like I said earlier that we are working on getting free browsing cheats for MTN May 2018, currently there are no free browsing for MTN, but check how to get 2000% bonus on calls and check out MTN data plans for May 2018.


If you can remember Airtel porting cheats that allows you get 2gb for 100naira, the problem there was that it's can't accumulate it. If you want to know more about Airtel porting cheat, click here. Like I said earlier that this is just a review of most of the cheats that worked well.


As at January, we looked on 9mobile magic sim, 9mobile free browsing using yoga VPN, 9mobile free browsing using go vpn, these were the ones that were working perfectly.
This month of May, you can download free with 9mobile whatsvpn app. Click here to see settings.


After glo reduced their glo reduced their data plans, a lot of people redrew from glo and switched to other networks, back then as at last year, glo 0.0k was working perfectly, I must say that I really enjoyed it and we are trying to bring back such free browsing cheats this month. 

So these are the reviews that are available now, all networks are trying to be more conscious so that they won't be any loop hole at all.

Like I said earlier, stay glued to this blog, you can join our WhatsApp group or like our Facebook page for instant updates or better still, download our Android app for efficient update.

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How To Double Your Recharge Using Opera Pay For Mtn, Airtel, Glo And 9mobile.[New Way]

Good day my lovely readers.

Good day my lovely readers.

New update: The opera pay has ended the double recharge offer, there are other apps that gives free airtime, all you need to do is to stay glued to this blog.

Its a good thing when you recharge your network and you get double of your recharge. 

For example, you recharge 100naira and get 100naira extra, which is applicable to all networks. Am going to be showing you how to get 100% airtime bonus on all networks using operepay. 


Operapay is developed by opera software ie the owner of opera mini browser is also the owner of opera pay. This website permits you to recharge online via your ATM card. You may think that it's just like bonus airtime that it's can't be used to subscribe, share etc. The bonus airtime is like normal airtime that can be used to subscribe and do everything that airtime can do. 

When recharging via this site, you will get double of your recharge using opera pay [OP].

You may ask a question if its safe to use?  Hmmm, for i think its safe why because its been owned and developed by opera software, so no qualms. Tested and trusted by many bloggers, I post what am sure of.


☑️First you need to Open on your browser and tap on the  menu icon. Like a three bars at the top of the site. 

☑️Next, click on sign in and enter your respective phone number which will

receive a one time password[OTP] to enable you login in. Sign up option is never provided for this site. 

Read also....Top apps that gives free airtime.

☑️Next, tap on airtime then enter the phone number you wish to purchase airtime for. 

Note; its not compulsory to have an account with opera pay, you can delete the account after purchasing your airtime.

☑️ Next, enter the amount of Airtime you wish to purchase, for a start i will suggest you try 100naira.

☑️Next, you will need to select a payment form like Mastercard, Visa, M-PESA etc. I will advise you to choose Mastercard payment option for faster and reliable payment. Not all cards works for it. I prefer gtb for this transaction.

☑️Finally, pay as given details by OperaPay.

You 100% airtime bonus will be credited to you instantly.

Now like i said earlier that if you think opera pay is not secured to your satisfaction, you can simply delete your account with them.

Opera pay i guess is a good platform to getting free airtime, opera pay can help in your monthly subscription. Like if you spend 1000naira on subscription, you will need to recharge 500naira from opera pay and you will get 1000naira worth of airtime.

So you have seen how to get double of your airtime recharge, simply share to your respective social networks.


#Mtn double recharge.

#Airtel Double recharge.

#Glo double recharge.

#9mobile double recharge.


How To Boost Glo Download And Browsing Speed[New Way].

Good day my lovely 🤷 readers. 

Good day my lovely 🤷 readers. 

Its no longer new that 45% of Nigerians are currently using glo network because of its cheap data plan. I must confess that I really enjoyed Glo data plans back then, Glo was offering 1000naira for 4gb which was very fair not until they slashed it by 50%.

And we know vividly well that Glo network is very poor in terms of browsing and downloading. A lot of glo customers has always complained of this, a lot had to switched to other networks despite we couldn't compare the data volumes.

I have deduce three means in which you can boost the speed of for glo users, i recommend this for mtk users only. And for those that their phones are rooted. But if you are using an MTK phone, without it been rooted, you good to go. 

I was reading something in a forum, someone said that glo gives you enough data and makes you not to use up-to that data till it's expires. I think that is true, especially those that did the 2000naira subscription.

Note that you need to combine the three methods for effective results. Combining two will give you less results.



1. Download mtk engineering mode here.  This app is for mtk phones like tecno infinix itel etc. Most of us already has this app installed in our smartphones.

2 lunch the app and swipe up. Look for mobile data preferred. If your phone is not an MTK device, you can't even launch the app, simply try the second method.

3. Now thick on mobile data service preferred. Its has no harm dont be afraid. This feature is to increase your data transmission to the maximum speed. 

4. Reboot your phone. This might cause small changes on the network speed. Before you move to the second method, check if there is any small change in your network speed. 



1. Go to settings on your smartphone.

2. Mobile networks ⏭️Access points.

Now create a new apn settings by clicking on the plus button on the top left corner. Depends on your phone.

3. Now set apn as follows.

NAME..... or etisalat.

Yes we are either using mtn or 9mobile apn for better results. I have confirmed that mtn apn is very effective, that's why we use mtn apn settings.

Save and make default as apn. 

You might also notice slight changes in network.


You will need an Android app

1. Download connection stabilizer here

2. Lunch the app, its for both root and No root user.

3. Make sure your data is on, now on the top right corner, tap on that world ie active keep alive. 

4. Wait for it to start, immediately its starts, your network will be fast and stable.

Combining these three methods should help in boosting your glo network speed. 

Whats your experience?

Share to others... 

Mtn, Airtel, Glo, 9mobile Free Browsing Cheats For February 2018[Updated]

Good day my lovely readers.
Its a new month with new stuffs, last month being January, we recorded some free browsing cheats which i will review here. 

Though one of the cheats has been blocked but some are still enjoying it which means that its now selects sim.

All you need to do is to abide to the settings thay will be provided and hopefully its will surely work out for you.



Now mtn doesn't had any free browsing cheats for this month, we hope to get a new cheat for mtn this month. 
I bet you, there are good data plans you can check out, Click HERE.


Can you remember my recent post on Airtel porting cheat, ie airtel 2gb for 100naira? Yes, some guys its still works for them only that its doesn't accumulate. Click HERE to know about airtel porting cheats. 


Glo is making things worst for us, they reduced data volume and your data cant on onless you have mb. Its has been so difficult for us to crack cheats for that. Click HERE for glo new data plans 2018.


Now 9mobile free browsing cheats is what some guys are rocking, ie 9mobile magic sim activation settings. Though the initial settings has been blocked and the current settings are yet to be revealed. Click HERE to see the old settings.
9mobile yoga vpn cheats are also available. Click HERE to know more.

Now you have seen the working free browsing cheats for February 2018, always stay glued to this blog for more outstanding updates. 

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Glo Reduce Data Volume. 1000naira For 2gb.[Sadly]

Good day my lovely readers.

Its so sad that glo has finally reduced their data volume, we were all enjoying 4gb for 1000naira on glo, but right now its has been reduced by 50%.

This will really make them loose lots of customers because alot are really depending on glo for their monthly data plans.

New data plans for glo....

1000naira for 2gb
2000naira for 4.5gb
2500naira for 7.2gb

Though mtn data plans are still affordable for everyone.

See also.... Mtn data plans 

I think we should just adapt to the new development by glo, maybe its might change one day. 

What can you say about this?

How To Get Free 16gb Worth Of Data On Glo[Glo MiFi]

Good day my lovely readers.

Glo trying to impress their customers, after increasing data volume and got thousands of new customers including me, they decided to use the opportunity to upgrade their network.

Currently now, glo is giving out free 16gb worth of data to those who have successfully purchased glo miFi.

Buy the latest Glo 4G LTE MiFi for N16000 & get FREE 16GB Data. To enjoy this offer, visit the nearest Gloworld TODAY. HURRY””

So what you need to do is to purchase the glo MiFi and get your free 16gb worth of data, hmm, i think really worth it. 

Rembering that its 4G LTE, so you dont need to worry about speed because glo 4G Lte is faster than jet. 

What can you say about this? 
Drop your comments.