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Showing posts with label Android Tips. Show all posts

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Good day my lovely readers.

Getting an Android phone is one thing and another thing is keeping it in a good condition. 

Do you know that there are some things you do that actually damages your phone? You may call it little thing but when you check in depth, you will actually discover that these things damage your phone badly.

Have you asked yourself why your smartphone damages just like that without any external forces? It's as a result of what you did that caused the damage. 

Apparently, there are some preventive measures you need to take in other to prevent damages from your smartphone.

I have successfully drafted at least 6 ways In which you are indirectly damaging you phone. All you need to do is to go through the ways, anyone you tend to fall victim, try to amend it. 


1. Playing games or making of calls while charging.

You might think it's a usual thing or it's normal, my lovely readers, it's very bad. While doing g this, you are increasing the temperature of your Android phone thereby causing hazard on your phone.  It's might not be visible now but later in future. Try to prevent this. 

2. Downloading android apps from untrustworthy website.

Yes, many of us are victims to this including me. The truth is that most of theses sites are virus infected and when you download from this site, you tend to welcome virus on your android phone. Stay away from untrustworthy sites. If at all you wish to download from sites, I will recommend and or better still download from Google Play Store.

3. Putting your Android phone in your pocket especially tight pocket.

It's funny right? I must confess that's a bad thing to do. For crying out loud, it's called handset not pocketset. When you put your Android phone in your tight pocket, this happens when you put on jeans. You tend to add pressure to your Android and may cause malfunction. It's advisable to hold it in your hand to prevent damages.

4. Placing your Android phone under pillow while sleeping.

Yes these things are funny but they are the truth. I have heard several cases where such things happened. I see no reason why you should do such thing. Do you know that phones I mean android phones do explode? This is one of the reasons. Try to switch off your phone if at all you want to put it under your pillow. 

< 5. Turning your phone off or rebooting your phone. 

Do you know that if your phone or Android phone is on all the time it's tends to compile caches on your android phone which takes a lot of space on your android phone. So switching off your phone sometimes helps to clear caches on your phone and free up some space.

6. Draining and over charging your android phone.

Draining your battery it's not cool at all, at least it's should have some left over power in it. Also overcharging. People think that the more you charge, the higher it's last. Very big lie. Instead, the more you charge, the more you reduce the life span of your battery.

So you have seen what actually damage your phone gradually.

Do well to share this post...

Good day my lovely readers.

About 80% of the world is currently using android devices. One of the specs people check before they buy themselves an Android phone is the battery capacity.

Having a good android phone with amazing specs is not actually the problem, but making the battery last for a longer time is the talk of the day. 

This is why we now have power banks that helps us power our Android phone when it's low. Apart from having a power bank as a substitute, there are some preventive measures we need to note for our battery to last longer.

Do you know that even those phones with high battery capacity, if you don't take preventive measures, they may never last at all. A person using a 2000mah battery capacity phone can longer than he or she expected, it's depends on you. 

Am going to be writing on how to make your battery last longer. It's has been tested and trusted, all you need to do is to read the instructions very well and am sure you will get good results.


1. Don't use any other charger apart from the charger it's came with your phone. 

This is the mistake a lot of people do make. They try to outsmart the manufacturer by using a different charger which can lead to damage of the battery. I inspected this problem and found out the reason why people do this. They do this all because the initial charger don't charge their phone fast and yes it's true, there was a reason why it's was made that way. So please make use of charger recommended by the manufacturer

2. Don't charge your phones on high voltage. 

Most times, we might notice an increase in voltage, don't try to charge your phone at that moment because you are damaging your phone. Make sure the voltage is always stable before charging. Even at low voltage, don't charge your phone. 

3. Uninstall unnecessary apps on your phone.

People download apps that they think will help them save their battery. Lies upon lies. There is NO android apps that helps to save your battery instead they reduce your battery capacity. Those apps are simply camouflaged.

4. Operating your phone while charging it. 

Most common way in which people reduces their battery capacity. The worst is when someone is playing high definition games while charging. This is very bad, if you wanna charge please charge your phone, there is time for everything. When you are doing that, you are killing your battery gradually.

5. Putting on the flash light of your phone all the time.

Yes, this kills battery. That light you put on takes more battery capacity than you think. If you doubt me put on your flash for about 30mins. Although it's depends on the intensity of your light. It's advisable not to put on your flashlight all the time. 

So you have seen what makes your battery drain faster, try to take preventive measures.

Share this post.... 

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Good day my lovely readers.

There is something always spectacular about android operating system, especially when there is a new upgrade, there is always something new in any upgrade.

Android nougat users which is android 7.0 has been enjoying something unique, even most of Android nought users don't even know about this feature. You know, one thing is to get an Android phone, another thing is to know the use of it. 

On like other smartphones, Android phones that comes with Android nougat or Android 7.0 tends to support multi tasking or split screen. 

What do I mean? 
It's apparently portraits that you can actually use two apps at the same time, for example using facebook and Whatsappp at the same time or using gallery and music app at the same time irrespective of the app. The only app that doesn't support this is the camera app. 

Some people thinks that only few apps support split screen, but I will show you how to make all apps support split screen. 

It's easy to multi task on Android nougat if you apparently follow the steps below. No external app is needed.


1. Go to Settings on your Android device running Nougat or 7.0

2. Scroll to “About phone” and tap on it. This contains everything you need to know about your phone. 

3. Gently or simultaneously tap on Build Number or Version Number for a certain number of times let's say four times until you get a message that says you are now a developer. 

4. Once you have enabled developer options. Follow below steps, Go back to the Settings menu and tap on the Developer option. Tap on the enable button, found on the top right corner of your Android screen. 

5. Scroll down  to the bottom and enable “Force activities to be resizable, Don't be afraid it has no harm at all just enable it. 

6. Now restart your device and move to the next step.

7. First, open any app on your Android device.

8. Next, tap on Task Manager Button , you will see the recent apps ie the button beside your button.

9. Now, press and hold the header of the app you want to use splits screen on and Drag it to the top where it is saying “Drag here to use split screen.

10. Now the app will show up on the upper screen of the device, open another app of your choice and do the same. Like I said its works for all apps even games. 

Now you have seen how easy to use the split screen feature on Android nougat. I think a lot of Android users are on Android 7.0, so do well to share this post as it may help someone.

Share and comment.

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Good day everyone.

Note: It's advisable to save or bookmark this page for future references.

Sometimes when making use of your phone, you experience freeze on your phone which people term as Steve. The is the most annoying part when using an Android phone because you might be doing something very important and your phone tends to freeze.

Where this freezing gets annoying is when your battery is inbuilt, this is one of the major disadvantage of such phone, you can't remove the battery to restart your phone, but there is a way out. Read on... 

This is usually caused by apps running simultaneously on your Android device and when your RAM can continue with the task, it's tends to freeze. Phones with low RAM storage tends to experience this. Like 513mb RAM, 1GB RAM and sometimes 2GB RAM. 

What I have understood is that some of us don't actually knows how to optimize our RAM usage. Back then when I was using 512mb RAM android phone, I was comfortably playing high end games without any hanging at all. 

What causes freezing is when you install apps that are malicious or contains viruses that can apparently harm your phone. It's always advisable to install your apps from trusted sites or stores like Google Play store.

What causes freezing is apparently when you have a lot of files on your smartphone such as pictures, Gifs, videos, PDFs, and many other kinds of files. Do you know that the more you use such files or the more you access them, they cause cache files to propagate which can lead to freezing.

Am going to be showing you step by step guide on how to restart a frozen phone. This guide is for both those that their phones comes with inbuilt batteries which can't be removed.


1. Press the power button Volume up button home key at the same time for about 5-10 seconds. This is for phones with hard buttons not buttons inside the phone's screen. 

2. You phone will automatically restart, go to step 3 if your phone does not have home button.

3. If your smartphone don't have home key, just press together the Power button Volume up key for 5 to 10 seconds, you phone will restart.

4. If it doesn't work on your
smartphone, press Power button
Volume down button at the same time
for some seconds, surely this will work.

If all methods doesn't work, then remove your battery and put it back. But am pretty sure that one of these methods must work all you need to do is to follow the step carefully.,

I noticed that most of us don't like sharing most of my posts, it's important that most of use should know this knowledge you just knew. So PLEASE share this post, the share buttons is just below the post. 

Drop your comments.

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Monday, 12 March 2018

Good day my lovely viewers.

It's look so annoying when you buy a phone of 16gb ROM and within a month or two, you start getting notifications that internal storage full.

This means that you can't store any file at all. Most phones these days comes with 16gb ROM, but up to 6gb has been used by the system apps,  you will left with 11gb.  Many android users can testify to this. 

I made my research on what makes the internal storage get full on time, I discovered that there are some hidden files that takes up to 500mb of your space, so I decided to share a tutorial on how to free some space on your phone. 

NOTE: This works for only root users i.e your phone must be rooted. If your Android phone runs from Android 3.0 to 5.1 then you can download kingroot and root your phone. It's depends on your choice anyway.

For non root users, I wrote on alternative means to Free space on your Android phone. It's at the end of this post. You are never left out. 


1. First, Download Es fileXplorer here. I must confess that this is the best file manager all time. You can accurately access all your files with that app. 

2. Lunch the app, go to your internal memory. This is located at the top left corner of the app. 

3. Grant Es fileXplorer root access. Like I said earlier that this process requires access,  so do well to root your phone.
Locate your root folder. Just swipe left, scroll up and you will see root explorer, enable it and move to your root folder.

4. Look for a folder called data and click on it. This is under the root folder. 

5. Scroll up and look for a folder called logger. Or better still search for the folder by typing ~logger~.

6. You will see series of logs there, delete everything there. Those logs are accumulated logs due to what you use your phone to do. 

7. Go back and check your internal storage status. You will see a decrease in your internal memory. At first, up to 500mb will be freed from your internal memory. This is amazing.

8. Perform this task every two weeks because they will always come up. Surely they must accumulate, so always go back to check occasionally.

Don't be afraid to delete those files because they will never harm your phone. They are 100% safe to delete,  they don't have any side effects so don't be afraid of deleting them,  it's your right, lol... 

Now you have seen how to free up spaces on your Android phone. Another file you can delete are the apk files,  they are just stocked up files taking space in your Android phone, also delete cache files also. 

Make sure you share to your friends so they can also learn how to free space on their internal memory.

Does these tutorial work for you?? Share your testimonies in the comment box.