How To Free Up Space In Your Android Internal Memory[2018 Method]

Good day my lovely viewers.
It’s look so annoying when you buy a phone of 16gb ROM and within a month or two, you start getting notifications that internal storage full. Android clearner
This means that you can’t store any file at all. Most phones these days comes with 16gb ROM, but up to 6gb has been used by the system apps,  you will left with 11gb.  Many android users can testify to this.
I made my research on what makes the internal storage get full on time, I discovered that there are some hidden files that takes up to 500mb of your space, so I decided to share a tutorial on how to free some space on your phone.
NOTE: This works for only root users i.e your phone must be rooted. If your Android phone runs from Android 3.0 to 5.1 then you can download kingroot and root your phone. It’s depends on your choice anyway.
For non root users, I wrote on alternative means to Free space on your Android phone. It’s at the end of this post. You are never left out.
1. First, Download Es fileXplorer here. I must confess that this is the best file manager all time. You can accurately access all your files with that app.
2. Lunch the app, go to your internal memory. This is located at the top left corner of the app.
3. Grant Es fileXplorer root access. Like I said earlier that this process requires access,  so do well to root your phone.
Locate your root folder. Just swipe left, scroll up and you will see root explorer, enable it and move to your root folder.

4. Look for a folder called data and click on it. This is under the root folder.
5. Scroll up and look for a folder called logger. Or better still search for the folder by typing ~logger~.
6. You will see series of logs there, delete everything there. Those logs are accumulated logs due to what you use your phone to do.
7. Go back and check your internal storage status. You will see a decrease in your internal memory. At first, up to 500mb will be freed from your internal memory. This is amazing.
8. Perform this task every two weeks because they will always come up. Surely they must accumulate, so always go back to check occasionally.
Don’t be afraid to delete those files because they will never harm your phone. They are 100% safe to delete,  they don’t have any side effects so don’t be afraid of deleting them,  it’s your right, lol…
Now you have seen how to free up spaces on your Android phone. Another file you can delete are the apk files,  they are just stocked up files taking space in your Android phone, also delete cache files also.
Make sure you share to your friends so they can also learn how to free space on their internal memory.
Does these tutorial work for you?? Share your testimonies in the comment box.



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