How To Block Adult Sites From Appearing On Google Search Engines.[New Way]

Good day my lovely viewers.
Adult sites these days have taken over search engines, for example you search for ”girl” on Google, some of the result from Google will be adult sites and good number of us hates such.
There is actually a way you can block such sites which is buy modifying Google search settings, follow the steps below.
1. Log into
2. Search for anything like “MrJef cheats”.
3. Scroll down you will see settings, tap on it, a pop up will showcase.
4. Choose search preferences, a new page will showcase.
5. Choose filter explicit results.
6. Scroll down and tap the save button.
You are done, even if you search for xxx on Google, it won’t Display any adult site at all. 
This is the easiest way to block such sites, helpful? Share to others.
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