How Bloggers And Website Owners Make Their Money[Reviewed]

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A lot people have been wanting to know how bloggers make their money, some thinks that its when someone visit your blog that your get paid or the number of traffic they get that determines their income. How bloggers make money is the topic for today
Well when I wasn’t a blogger, when I haven’t gotten any idea of blogging I usually thinks that the data used to enter peoples website or blog are usually converted to money or when people visit your page or share your post, they get paid.
Well all those theories propounded by us are nothing but funny and untrue theories. 
Well am going to review how bloggers and website owners actually make  money and I bet that some of us might be shocked or surprised.
But there are some facts I will love to unleash about bloggers and website owners….
1. Not all bloggers makes money from their blog, some actually blog for fun and passion.
2. Not when you visit their blog or website that they earn money. Its doesn’t work that way.
3. Your data or mb is never converted to cash or when you download files from their website. 
4. Blogging is not a quick money scheme. It’s a gradual process.
5. Blogging is not as easy as you think, its requires lots of time and creativity.
Now that you have seen the facts about bloggers and website owners, it’s time to see how they actually make their money.

Am going to be listing out three possible ways on how bloggers make  money. Read on…
This is the most popular way in which bloggers makes their money, apparently, they partner with an advertising company, they place ads on their blog and the more visit and click on those ads, they tends to earn income. Advertising companies like adsense, propeller ads, adcombo and many more advertising programs.
 See how it’s truly works…. When they place those ads on their blog, and people click on those ads they get credited. For example, a click can cost $0.5 or more depending on the company they are partnering with. This is how bloggers make money
This is another yet most popular way that bloggers makes money from their blog. This is how its works, bloggers tends to partner with some affiliate site or they deliberately sign up for it, when they get approved, they will place banners and any form of ad.
 For example, you can sign up for jumia affiliate program, anybody that buys something through your blog will get about 11% of whatever the persons buys. How bloggers make money

This seems to be rare but lots of bloggers are gaining from it. What really happens is that a company that sees your blog may love and will love to advertise their product on your blog so what they need to do is to contact you and you tell them your rate. Nothing much than that.
So you have seen how bloggers makes their money, so the question is that will you venture into blogging?
Please share….

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