How To Sell Your Product On Jumia [New Method 2018]

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Ecommerce has become something that is very popular now, being the fact that we are in the 21st century and things are going digital. Gone as those days when your business will only be known where your shop is. This apparently means that your business is only on that location its built and no other person can know about your business except people around your shop.
Right now, things has really change, your business can be known worldwide, people can order for your goods worldwide and it will get delivered at their door step. Your business can also be promoted online on social media like Facebook, twitter, whatsapp and YouTube. What actually amaze me is that this platforms are actually free unless you want to reach millions of people.
Let’s stop stories and face why we are here. Now today am going to teach you how you how to sell your product on jumia, yes its 100% possible to sell your product on jumia. Now you might think that all the products on jumia is only owned by jumia executives, not all products are owned by jumia some of them are owned by companies who tends use jumia as a means to advertise their products.
Jumia is one of the biggest ecommerce store in Nigeria with at least 1million trusted buyers and sellers. In fact jumia has really made name in Nigeria. Its advisable that if you want to buy or sell FAST, you should jumia as a platform because it’s very effective.
Most people that use this platform are those who tends to import goods from other countries and apparently they don’t have shapes to sell their goods, therefore they use jumia to sell their products.
1. You should have a good smartphone or a laptop. Let’s be frank, I prefer laptop for good effectiveness.
2. You will need images of your product. For convince sake, get up to 6 images with good quality and your brand name should be there.
3. As times goes on, you will need little capital because jumia will have a percentage of what you sell.
If you have all these requirements, then you are good to go.
1. First you need to sign up as a vendor. You can do that by clicking here. When you sign up, you can have access to your store where you can upload you products.
2. Once your store is ready, jumia will start redirecting customers to your product depending on your niche. You can also promote your products on social media. Jumia also allows you to update your prize in the seller center.
3. This next step is kind of tasking. When someone orders for something, it’s your duty to deliver your product to jumia warehouse within 24hours so that jumia will ship your product to the buyer.
4. After confirmation, the product will be shipped and you will be paid 7days after delivery. These are just the steps to sell on jumia. Don’t forget you are to pay a commission for each goods you upload on jumia, so do well to make your estimates before venturing into this. Yes, this post is helpful please share…

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