How to make your own power bank. Step by step

Good day everyone.

How is your day going?, today is a special day because am going to teach readers of the blog how to build or make your own power bank.

Considering the rate of power supply in your country, you might want an extra power to backup your phone and I think. It’s time to create something good for your self.

Follow all steps correctly and you will achieve your aim….


◾Laptop Battery you ain’t using again
◾ A power bank Casing ( you can order it
from Alibaba or Ali express. It’s about $5. Or if you have a spoilt power bank, you can remove the circuit in it.
◾ A screw Driver and a pen knife.
◾ A wire cutter.
◾ Brain work is needed also.


1. Now use a screwdriver or a pen Knife to remove laptop battery casing carefully. The laptop batteries might be six or more depending.

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2. After detaching the battery, they are normally held in by double sided
tape or connected using metal tabs.

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3. Next, carefully cut the tabs/ wires that are connected to the charging circuit and between the cells using the Wire Cutter.

4. Next, You are almost there, carefully now insert the battery
inside the slot provided in the case and taking note of the polarity.

Please note…
The positive terminal of the battery should be towards the charging board. However, polarity is marked inside the case sometimes.

5. Next, you need to charge and test run the power bank before dealing it up. Plug the power Bank and charge for sometime and plug your phone and see the results.

Now seal up your power bank and be ready to charge your gadgets when needed.

it’s a simple thing to do anyways. The basic thing you need is batteries and power bank circuit.

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