Top Five Things You Need To Consider Before Getting A Smartphone.

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Good day lovely readers .

Once is a while, we tend to change our phones probably you needed something new or you your recent phone has issues.

Today, I will be writing on the things you need to consider before getting a new phone. It’s not about been new, it’s about the specification of the phone.


1. Android version:

This is the one of the most important, you can’t say you want to buy an Android phone and you choosing KitKat as your preferred Android version or even lollipop, surely you will face lags and bugs, so choosing marshmallow to Oreo will be good.

2. Battery capacity:

This is another priority you must consider. In countries where power supply is not stable, you should consider buying a phone with high battery capacity like 4000mah and above which very is okay.

3. RAM:

RAM means random access memory. For game lovers, you should consider buying a smartphone with high RAM memory, at least 2gb RAM is okay, going for 1gb is very insufficient and you will face lags and bugs definitely.

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4. Camera:

Nobody that buys a smartphone won’t love to take pictures and selfies, off course everyone love to. So 8mp for the front camera and 13mp for the back camera is very okay for a smartphone.

5. Make of the phone. Some people don’t consider that at all, they go ahead to patronize substandard brands of phones. For me Samsung, LG, Sony, Infinix, Tecno are worth patronizing.

So you have seen the top 5 things you need to consider before getting a smartphone, it’s your turn, share this post.

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