How To Know Or Identify Fake Memory Card[New Way]

Good day everyone.

You have always wanted to know if your sdcardis fake or original right? This post is for you.

It’s no longer new that there have high rate of fake sdcard productions that has mislead a lot of people. One funny thing about this is the fact that these fake memory cards are always very cheap and people now tends to go for it.

I will be revealing on how to identify fake memory card, it’s advisable to bookmark this page or share to your friends because they will definitely need this post.

All you need to do is to download a particular android app and follow the steps below.


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1. Download SD insight here.

2. Launch SD Insight and accept the EULA agreement to start working on your SD Card.

3. In the SD Card information, you can actually view details like the
manufacturer of the SD Card, the capacity of the storage device and the manufacturer date.

4. If the model number of the SD Card in the app and that on the package is different, you just bought a fake SDCARD.

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5. Lastly, confirming the storage capacity will also help you check if SD card is legit or fake.

Note: If you receive a message that says“SD Card is invalid” you just bought original fake sdcard lol.

So you can how see how to identify fake and original sdcard, do well to share this post.

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