How To Unblock yourself on WhatsApp.

Good day my lovely readers.
Whatsapp been the most used social network worldwide with more than 1billion users and still counting.

It’s can look very annoying when someone blocks you on whatsapp for unnecessary reasons and you may want to unlock your self from it.

Even when you were removed from a group and you know that you are getting information from the group and you really want to rejoin the group.

Now i have gotten a trick to unblock yourself from whatsapp or add yourself back to a group, though this trick may look complicated but just follow the steps.

Another thing you must know is that if the person that blocked you on whatsapp actually wants you blocked, even after unblocking yourself, the person might still block you.

Note that this step works for whatsapp group….

1. First backup your whatsapp chat by going to settings, chats, chat backup. Now select the Google account you love to use and backup.

2. Now next you need to delete your account by going to settings, account, and tap on deactivate.

3. Now it’s now obvious you are not on whatsapp anymore. Now gently move to the next step.

4. Now uninstall your whatsapp and reinstall it back. You will be asked to restore backup. Do so.

5. Now everyone who has blocked you will have you back on whatsapp and every group you have been removed, you will be added back.

As simple as that, this is just a simple way to bring back all your whatsapp blocked chat.

You have gotten a vital information, now share to your friends and family. Drop a comment before leaving.

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