Mtn, Airtel, Glo And 9mobile Free Browsing Cheats May 2018.[Review]

Good  day my lovely readers.
Happy new month everyone.
This month shall be a month of prosperity in our lives.
Everyone is always looking for a way to browse for free, sometimes when free browsing tricks comes up, some guys don’t love to unleash it due to the fact that it might get blocked. For example, a lot of cheats have gotten blocked because they post them on nairaland and there are agents in nairaland.
Only few bloggers like we, do release those free browsing tricks. Another thing is that when free browsing tricks is available, we should endeavor not to post on sites like nairaland and many other popular social networks and forums.
For this month of May, we will try and work hard to get free browsing tricks for all networks, so what you just need to the stay glued to this blog.
The cheats listed below is based on review of most of the cheats that worked for us between last year and this year. Most of them are not working anymore but we are still trying to get new cheats.
So MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile free browsing cheat for May 2018 will be updated on this page, so bookmark this page and refresh this page always.

Like I said earlier that we are working on getting free browsing cheats for MTN May 2018, currently there are no free browsing for MTN, but check how to get 2000% bonus on calls and check out MTN data plans for May 2018.
If you can remember Airtel porting cheats that allows you get 2gb for 100naira, the problem there was that it’s can’t accumulate it. If you want to know more about Airtel porting cheat, click here. Like I said earlier that this is just a review of most of the cheats that worked well.
As at January, we looked on 9mobile magic sim, 9mobile free browsing using yoga VPN, 9mobile free browsing using go vpn, these were the ones that were working perfectly.
This month of May, you can download free with 9mobile whatsvpn app. Click here to see settings.
After glo reduced their glo reduced their data plans, a lot of people redrew from glo and switched to other networks, back then as at last year, glo 0.0k was working perfectly, I must say that I really enjoyed it and we are trying to bring back such free browsing cheats this month. 
So these are the reviews that are available now, all networks are trying to be more conscious so that they won’t be any loop hole at all.
Like I said earlier, stay glued to this blog, you can join our WhatsApp group or like our Facebook page for instant updates or better still, download our Android app for efficient update.
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