Your Android Battery Don’t Last Long? See How To Fix It

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About 80% of the world is currently using android devices. One of the specs people check before they buy themselves an Android phone is the battery capacity.
Having a good android phone with amazing specs is not actually the problem, but making the battery last for a longer time is the talk of the day. 
This is why we now have power banks that helps us power our Android phone when it’s low. Apart from having a power bank as a substitute, there are some preventive measures we need to note for our battery to last longer.
Do you know that even those phones with high battery capacity, if you don’t take preventive measures, they may never last at all. A person using a 2000mah battery capacity phone can longer than he or she expected, it’s depends on you. 
Am going to be writing on how to make your battery last longer. It’s has been tested and trusted, all you need to do is to read the instructions very well and am sure you will get good results.
1. Don’t use any other charger apart from the charger it’s came with your phone. 
This is the mistake a lot of people do make. They try to outsmart the manufacturer by using a different charger which can lead to damage of the battery. I inspected this problem and found out the reason why people do this. They do this all because the initial charger don’t charge their phone fast and yes it’s true, there was a reason why it’s was made that way. So please make use of charger recommended by the manufacturer
2. Don’t charge your phones on high voltage. 
Most times, we might notice an increase in voltage, don’t try to charge your phone at that moment because you are damaging your phone. Make sure the voltage is always stable before charging. Even at low voltage, don’t charge your phone. 
3. Uninstall unnecessary apps on your phone.
People download apps that they think will help them save their battery. Lies upon lies. There is NO android apps that helps to save your battery instead they reduce your battery capacity. Those apps are simply camouflaged.
4. Operating your phone while charging it. 
Most common way in which people reduces their battery capacity. The worst is when someone is playing high definition games while charging. This is very bad, if you wanna charge please charge your phone, there is time for everything. When you are doing that, you are killing your battery gradually.
5. Putting on the flash light of your phone all the time.
Yes, this kills battery. That light you put on takes more battery capacity than you think. If you doubt me put on your flash for about 30mins. Although it’s depends on the intensity of your light. It’s advisable not to put on your flashlight all the time. 
So you have seen what makes your battery drain faster, try to take preventive measures.
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