Get Your Post Indexed On Google Search Engine[New Method 2018]

Good day my lovely readers.

Lately, I have been writing on android tips, network tips and many more. I just decided to write about blogging today. Read and enjoy.
One thing so joyful about blogging is seeing your blog post on Google Search engine. Not only that, when you check your traffic stats and you see that most of your traffic is coming from Google Search engines.
One thing is writing a unique post and another thing is getting it index on search engines.
Something you must note about google indexing your post is that you need to consider some factors before you get your post indexed. Most bloggers think that after writing a post, you now submit your site to google webmaster tools, it’s doesn’t really work like that. Though it’s one of the factors. 
Am writing on how to get your post indexed I’m Google Search engine or how to see your blog post appear on the first page of Google Search engine.
When I started blogging, I didn’t know about this, I wasn’t even concerned about getting traffic from search engine. What I just needed was see traffic from facebook and Whatsappp. I started making research on search engine optimization popularly known as SEO, I read a lot of blog post, watched YouTube videos and also asked questions. I discovered how to get your post on Google Search engine which is what I will be reviewing to you. 
Like I said earlier that you actually need to consider some factors before this can be executed….
1. Know what your audience needs. 
This is a very important factor you need to consider. If you don’t know what your audience needs, you keep writing post that are irrelevant. In summary, provide solutions to problems, look for what people are searching for and it’s yet to be online.
2. Write unique and lengthy post. 
After knowing what your audience needs, for example you know your audience needs guide on how to create a blog, it’s time you write a lengthy post on that with at least 500words. In the process of writing the post, input your keywords there. Make sure you make paragraphs when necessary, underline sub headings and so on. 
3. Submit your post to the appropriate site. 
After writing your post, submit your post to the right site. The first site that should come into your mind is google webmaster tools, yes, you need to submit your site to it. The next site to submit your site is Many don’t know about this site. This site reminds google that you have submitted your post. 
4. Get reasonable backlinks from authority sites. 
This is the last step, after getting what your audience needs, writing unique and lengthy post and submitting them to the appropriate site, next is to get backlink from site, I will recommend you get those backlink from sites or blogs similar to yours.
So you have seen how to make your blog post appear on Google Search engine.
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