Ways To Restart A Frozen Android Phone[2018 Method]

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Sometimes when making use of your phone, you experience freeze on your phone which people term as Steve. The is the most annoying part when using an Android phone because you might be doing something very important and your phone tends to freeze.
Where this freezing gets annoying is when your battery is inbuilt, this is one of the major disadvantage of such phone, you can’t remove the battery to restart your phone, but there is a way out. Read on… 
This is usually caused by apps running simultaneously on your Android device and when your RAM can continue with the task, it’s tends to freeze. Phones with low RAM storage tends to experience this. Like 513mb RAM, 1GB RAM and sometimes 2GB RAM. 
What I have understood is that some of us don’t actually knows how to optimize our RAM usage. Back then when I was using 512mb RAM android phone, I was comfortably playing high end games without any hanging at all. 
What causes freezing is when you install apps that are malicious or contains viruses that can apparently harm your phone. It’s always advisable to install your apps from trusted sites or stores like Google Play store.
What causes freezing is apparently when you have a lot of files on your smartphone such as pictures, Gifs, videos, PDFs, and many other kinds of files. Do you know that the more you use such files or the more you access them, they cause cache files to propagate which can lead to freezing.
Am going to be showing you step by step guide on how to restart a frozen phone. This guide is for both those that their phones comes with inbuilt batteries which can’t be removed.
1. Press the power button Volume up button home key at the same time for about 5-10 seconds. This is for phones with hard buttons not buttons inside the phone’s screen. 
2. You phone will automatically restart, go to step 3 if your phone does not have home button.
3. If your smartphone don’t have home key, just press together the Power button Volume up key for 5 to 10 seconds, you phone will restart.
4. If it doesn’t work on your
smartphone, press Power button
Volume down button at the same time
for some seconds, surely this will work.
If all methods doesn’t work, then remove your battery and put it back. But am pretty sure that one of these methods must work all you need to do is to follow the step carefully.,
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