How To Use Split Screen Or Multitask On Android 7.0 Or Android Nought[New Method]

Good day my lovely readers.
There is something always spectacular about android operating system, especially when there is a new upgrade, there is always something new in any upgrade.
Android nougat users which is android 7.0 has been enjoying something unique, even most of Android nought users don’t even know about this feature. You know, one thing is to get an Android phone, another thing is to know the use of it. 
On like other smartphones, Android phones that comes with Android nougat or Android 7.0 tends to support multi tasking or split screen. 
What do I mean? 
It’s apparently portraits that you can actually use two apps at the same time, for example using facebook and Whatsappp at the same time or using gallery and music app at the same time irrespective of the app. The only app that doesn’t support this is the camera app. 
Some people thinks that only few apps support split screen, but I will show you how to make all apps support split screen. 
It’s easy to multi task on Android nougat if you apparently follow the steps below. No external app is needed.
1. Go to Settings on your Android device running Nougat or 7.0
2. Scroll to “About phone” and tap on it. This contains everything you need to know about your phone. 
3. Gently or simultaneously tap on Build Number or Version Number for a certain number of times let’s say four times until you get a message that says you are now a developer. 
4. Once you have enabled developer options. Follow below steps, Go back to the Settings menu and tap on the Developer option. Tap on the enable button, found on the top right corner of your Android screen. 
5. Scroll down  to the bottom and enable “Force activities to be resizable, Don’t be afraid it has no harm at all just enable it. 
6. Now restart your device and move to the next step.
7. First, open any app on your Android device.
8. Next, tap on Task Manager Button , you will see the recent apps ie the button beside your button.
9. Now, press and hold the header of the app you want to use splits screen on and Drag it to the top where it is saying “Drag here to use split screen.
10. Now the app will show up on the upper screen of the device, open another app of your choice and do the same. Like I said its works for all apps even games. 
Now you have seen how easy to use the split screen feature on Android nougat. I think a lot of Android users are on Android 7.0, so do well to share this post as it may help someone.
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