ATM security Tips: What To Do When Attacked In The ATM Stand.

Good day my lovely readers.
Security has always been one of our major priority, that’s why we always tend to take measures that helps us get secured.
Today, I will be focusing on ATM security. Its no longer new that a lot has been robbed in the ATM stand or people have been defrauded in the ATM stand which is really bad.
Even though banks have claimed that they integrate CCTV cameras on ATM, still people get robbed of their money. I have heard a lot of instances whereby you will be told to or will be forced to redraw all your money on gunpoint and definitely, you dont have choice than to do so unless you are risking your life.
There are some security tips you need to know based on ATM usage to prevent being robbed and I will be focusing on just one which is the most important here, though not all ATM has this feature, but most ATM have it. Its actually involves creating an alarm when needed or calling the police for aid.
All you need to do is to follow the steps clearly and its should be noted that not all ATM has this new feature, we just need to be careful of the kind of ATM we use.
1. When someone walks up to you asking you to slot your ATM card and redraw all your money, its shouldn’t be the time to panic. Kindly slot in your card.
2. When its time to input your password, this is the most critical part; maybe your password is 1234, what you should input instead is 4321.
3. When you do this, the ATM machine will freeze and it will be unable to dispense cash again, this will now automatically involve the police.
4. All need to do is to wait for the police depending on how effective this technology is in your country. In rare cases, the attacked notice this and leaves the scene.
Like I said earlier that this feature is not effective in all countries and ATMs, countries like united states of America, United Kingdom and all other technology oriented countries will have this feature and its will be very effective.
There are other security tips I will list now, its important that you know all of them.
✔️Make sure nobody is watching you when you are inputting your password.
✔️ Be conscious of your environment and make sure you notice the kind of movement going on.
✔️Its advisable that you don’t go to the ATM at night.
✔️There are other ways to redraw, transfer, deposit money rather than going to ATM such as the mobile app or going to your bank to redraw is very much safe.
✔️ Lately, dont give anyone your card to redraw for you. Very important.
Now you have seen the security measures to take when using the ATM stand,
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