Leagoo Power 5 Specifications And Price.[2018]

Good day my lovely readers.
I recently talked about a phone with 16000mah battery capacity[very massive] click here to see specs. 
While other phone companies are producing phones with 5000mah and below, leagoo are busy increasing their battery capacity just to beat the market’s competition.
A lot of Android users has always looked down of some phones that are not actually common in Nigeria, most android users always prefer to buy phones like infinix, techno, HTC, LG, Samsung etc because these kind of phones are commonly used.
It’s so clear that people have started patronizing leagoo smartphones even up-to today. They broke in Nigeria market when they launched leagoo kiikac power which was very cheap with amazing specs like 4000mah battery capacity, fingerprint sensor, android 7.0, most amazing 2gb and many more. This phone was sold for N23, 000[$82] or even less depending on the seller.
I could boast that about 20% of Nigerians got that phone and many are yet to get theirs. 
Just as the days go by, leagoo launched yet another smartphone called leagoo power 5, hmm I can’t wait to list down the specs because they are too amazing.
The leagoo power 5 comes with 7000mah battery capacity that can stay up to 2days on heavy usage. Now this leagoo smartphone comes with realpower solutions that aims to extend battery life by 25%.
Apart from that, it’s has the capability to charge faster. We all know that 7000mah battery can take forever to charge, but this leagoo smartphone comes with quick charge.
Another amazing specs is that it’s  comes with 6gb Ram, that’s allows you multi task without any lagging or hanging. Play high end games without any fear. 
It’s also comes with the latest version of Android which is android 8.0 Oreo, with this version, there will be better battery optimization and RAM efficiency. 
If you remember tecno camon c9 that comes with 13mp front and back cameras, well that’s outdated for now. Leagoo power 5 comes with 13mp front camera and 13mp 2mp back camera[dual cameras]. Capture your world… 
They promised that future leagoo phones must come with this new development. How does it works?  Realpower solution helps to maximize battery life by optimizing some elements like the CPU, RAM, ROM, DISPLAY etc. When these elements are been optimised, we get 25% longer battery life. I must say that other phones should adopt to this new technology.
✔Comes with ️5.99 inch FHD 2160x1080p display.
✔️Comes with MT6763 CPU.
✔Comes with massive ️7000mAh Battery 5V5A quick charge[amazing].
✔Huge ️6GB RAM 64GB ROM[expandable].
✔Back camera comes with ️13MP 2MP rear dual camera.
✔Captivating ️13MP front camera.
✔️LEAGOO 5.0 OS ( Based on Android 8.1 OS )OTA.
PRICE: $230 about N83,000.
Sometimes I will wonder what other specs is yet to be developed? 8gb Ram?, 20000mah battery?.
Let’s see what the world have for us. 
Now you have seen the specs and price for this beast called leagoo power 5,  will you get this smartphone?
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