Facebook Facial Recognition Feature: How To Activate And Deactivate It.[Best Review]

Good day my lovely readers.
Just as the days go by, new and advanced technologies are being developed. Now, we have been expecting these feature on facebook long ago.
In recent times, facebook has deleted lots of accounts that tends to impersonate. For example if you search for “ini Edo facebook Page”, you will see slot of search results. This is the hand work of impersonators and we all know that the welfare known actress only have one page or none.
The work of impersonators online is to deceive people or to scam people by demanding for money. This is the reason why I advise people that if you want to follow any celebrity on online, it’s necessary you follow them via their instagram handle.
For example, Davido’s instagram handle has about 4million followers, no other person could impersonate that.
Apparently, facebook face recognition is a new feature that aims to protect the privacy of people by getting them notified when ever someone illegally uploads your pictures without your approved permission.
Facebook finally rolls out face recognition feature. This feature was announced as at December 2017 and finally it’s was integrated as at Feb 2018.
Facebook actually want to protect the privacy of its users that’s why the CEO of facebook came up with this development.
This new technology will help to prevent impersonation online. When someone uploads your photos without your permission or your consent, you will get a notification that someone has uploaded your photo.
This happen when you were not tagged in the photo, I think this is a new and good development from facebook.
Now, this feature as we all know is already available of all facebook users irrespective of the time you registered on facebook, your gender, your constant usage on facebook, this feature has been enable for all facebook users. If you have noticed, when scrolling on your news feeds, you would have seen an information about the new facebook facial recognition as seen in the screenshot.
The facebook team has already turned this feature for all its users. So you don’t need to activate it again. If you wish to turn this facebook facial recognition feature off, simply follow the steps below.
This procedure is for those that are using the facebook Mobile App. Please note that when you deactivate this feature, nobody not will be able to tag you on any photo, so make your decisions.
1. Run down to your profile. I.e the place where you will access your photos, your timeline and your friends.
2. Next, on the top left corner of the app, click on the more button
3. You will see three options, click on view privacy shortcuts. This take you to your privacy settings where you can modify some settings.
4. Scroll down and you will see more settings, click on it.
5. This will take you to your main settings, scroll down and you will see face recognition settings. Click on it.
6. You will see a summary on what this feature is all about proceeding with a toggle option that’s allows you to either activate or deactivate this feature, so make your choice.
So you have known everything about this new feature developed by facebook, activating and deactivating it.
What can you say about this.
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