What You Need To Have Before Venturing Into Blogging.

Good day my lovely readers.
Having the passion for creating a blog is one thing, another thing is having what it’s takes to create a blog. You just actually wake up one morning and then say to yourself that you wanna create a blog.
In this post, I will be writing on two things which are;
✔️Things you need to have before creating a blog.
✔️Things you need to know before creating a blog.
Before I start, blogging is one of the most common way in which writers make money online. It’s advisable to start blogging soon or now! Because it is said that great things starts with little beginnings.
You may be thinking that blogging is actually hard or you need to spend a lot of money to start a blog or you need to be an html expert before you venture into blogging. Let’s forget all these irrelevant lies and face reality.
You don’t need much capital to start a blog. At least 4000naira or $12 is enough to start a blog. You only need but little knowledge of html to start a blog.
So what I’d holding you back from starting a blog?
Before you start a blog, read the things you need to have before starting a blog.
Yes, you actually need to be very creative. You need to know how to write convincing words that will make your readers visit your blog on a daily bases. You need to know how to get the best design for your blog. It’s really matters slot. Creativity is what you need.
2. TIME.
Yes, your maximum time is needed here. In as much you have time for other things, you should have time for your blog. Taking your time to make research about things related to your blog. Also attending to comments on your blog which is very important.
You may or you will need some gadgets before you venture into blogging. Such as laptop and an Android phone with internet connection. Some will say I don’t have a laptop, it’s not an excuse. I blogged for 2years without a laptop of my own but still I still made income. There are cyber cafes around you or your friends may have a laptop. And the only thing you need a laptop for is for the design, other things can be done on Android phone. So get things done.
You give out money to receive money. If you want to venture into blogging, you spend little amount of money. For example, buying of domain name will cost you money. Buying data will also cost you money, I think these are the only things you will spend money on as a newbie in blogging. Just make a budget of 5000naira or $13 and you are good to go.
Now, these are just the few things you need to have before starting a blog of your own. I hope to see new bloggers who are ready to make things better.
Next; Things you should know before getting a blog. This will be on my next post. Click here for the next post.
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