Meet Energerzer Power Max With 16000mah. Specs And Price

Good day my lovely readers.
In some part of the world were they have difficulty in constant power supply, these kind of counties find it hard to power up their devices on several occasions.
This is the reason why some phone manufacturers tends to produce phones with high battery capacity, if you could remember vividly well when Gionee produced a phone of 6000maH, infact that phone was the most used phone that year.
Also, tecno took up the challenge and produced a phone with 5050mAh and I can bet that the phone which was tecno l8 sold more than Gionee because it’s was kind of cheap. 
After that, Infinix learnt and started producing 4000mAh phones which was not even  as efficient as that of tecno and Gionee.
Now a phone manufacturing company has produced a phone with 16000mAh, the name of the phone is called Energizer PowerMax P16K Pro Smart phone.
This is the kind of phone that when bought, can serve you for UpTo 15 days on heavy use, when I mean heavy use, I mean 3g network will be on, watching of movies, playing high end games and other heavy use activities.
Let’s go through the specs for Energizer PowerMax P16K Pro.
As i was reading through a forum, someone was saying that how can a phone with 16000mah be as small has that.  Sometimes we might consider these things and give it a thought.
Actually, some will love to go with phones that has good rank,  phones like Samsung, LG, infinix, tecno, HTC and many more. I guess this phone with massive battery is probably a new company trying to come up with something new. 
Its comes with MediaTek Helio P23 octa-core processor for faster and smoother usage which is clocked at 2.5 GHz
With 6 GB of RAM, you can multitask your whole apps the way you want, no hanging or lagging just carry on. Playing games will be as if you are using a console. It’s will be super fast and smooth.
With 128 GB internal storage that can help you store as much as you like, sometimes I can call this phone a micro pc, lol.
Apart from the amazing 128gb storage, you can expand your horizons by getting a microsd card for better storage.
The cameras are one of its kind 13mp back camera and 8mp front camera, very sharp for good selfies and taking of pics. Surely it’s comes with dual cameras.  If you notice these days that most phones that a been produced comes with dual cameras. 
Another amazing specs is that it’s comes with the latest version of Android which android 8.0 Oreo,  this is fantastic.
It’s also comes with fingerprint sensor for faster unlocking and unspoken gestures. Most phones these days comes with finger print sensor. 
These are the few specs I can say for now. For the price, hmmmm, let’s predict the price to be about 500 to $700 it’s might even be more.
Will you love​ to get this  incredible phone?
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