How To Add Battery Percentage On Android 7.0[2018 Method]

Good day my lovely readers.
If you have Android 7.0 running on your phone, you will notice that in your status bar you won’t see your battery percentage which is not cool.
My phone which was running on Android 7.0 wasn’t showing the battery percentage and am the kind of person that likes to monitor my battery percentage for better efficiency.
It’s kind of stressful scrolling down your notification panel just to see your battery percentage. Some go the extra mile by going to settings just to see your battery percentage.
After series of research I discovered a way you can actually add battery percentage on your status bar. I think this is the best way to display your battery percentage in your status bar. 
This requires no root but an Android app. You all know by that it is very difficult to root android 7.0, so trust me when I said it requires no root options. Simply follow the steps below.
I discovered two sure methods which allows you show your battery percentage in your status bar.
Suit yourself with the best methods….
1. Download battery percentage here. It’s about 3mb, but if you don’t want to download from play store, you can google the name of the app and download it.
2. Lunch the app and tick the two boxes as seen in the screenshot.
3. That’s all, you will see your battery percentage showing on your status bar.
if you don’t want to download any app,  move to the next method, it’s requires no app at all.
Now this is for those that don’t want to download any app,  you can enable battery percentage through settings and I will be showing you how. 
1. First, bring down your notification panel. This is where you will see your data connection, airplane mode, Bluetooth etc. 
2. Now you will see the settings icon on the top right corner of your Android phone after you bring down your notification Panel.
3. Now hold that icon Ie the setting icon till its says system ui tuner activated. This is an added settings I’m your Android phone that is usually hidden, you just need to activate it. Plz remember this is for Android 7.0 users.
4. After activation, it’s will redirect you to the hidden settings. Now scroll down, you will see enable battery percentage, tap on it and the battery percentage will be enabled on your status bar.
I think this is the best method to activate your battery percentage on your status bar since no additional app is needed for it. 
Now you have successfully added battery percentage to your status bar, you must know that when you re boot your phone, you might need to launch the app.
Which method worked for you? 
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