How To See Photos On Free Facebook[2018 Method]

Good day my lovely readers.
We all know that Freebasics has been a life save right from time and thousands of people has been using it to access facebook and other sites for free. 
Freebasics as said by the founder, is to bring people closer to the internet. In fact, most websites and blogs are on Freebasics.
In facebook Freebasics, you are only permitted to chat and update your facebook status, you are never permitted to see photos only profile pic.
As days go by, I tried to make things easy for people by allowing them see photos on free facebook. And as time may have it, I have discovered a way to see photos on free facebook.
The only disadvantage is That you cant watch videos with it. But I think is better than nothing.
Now i bring to you the ultimate trick in which you can use to see pictures on facebook when when you are using Freebasic. Follow the steps below.
1. You must have facebook lite.  Download facebook lite from Google Play Store.
2. Now if you dont have mb, just collect the app from a friend. lunch the app, its wi automatically be on free mode. 
3. After you have logged in, at the top right coner of the app you will see where its written see photos, click on it. 
4. Anything that you were asked just click yes even when you dont have mb
5. After that,  the facebook lite will be on data mode,  simply close and open the app again and yoi start seeing pictures on the app. 
Its simple, anywhere you see “See photos” click on it and tap use data,  restart the app and you are done. 
Note…..Only facebook lite supports this
You cant watch videos with it. 
You can do every other thing you want. 

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