Zoto Recharge App, How To Earn Airtime With Zoto App.[New Way]

Good day my lovely readers.
Most of us most have heard of zoto recharge app that permits you to recharge via your bank account and get outstanding bonuses.
Onlike every other app, zoto has been cleared by CBN so security issues is never the problem.
I will show you how to get outstanding bonuses from zoto, ie when you recharge with zoto app, you will be given extra airtime.
Let me just brief you about this zoto recharge app. 
☑️ Its very secured.
☑️ You can pay your bills via zoto app. 
☑️ They have referal program to earn extra airtime.
☑️ Its fast and reliable.
☑️ Its support virtually all banks holders with master card. 
☑️ All airtime is credited to your account balance.
For you to earn airtime with zoto recharge app, all you need to do is to follow the steps below. I plead with you that you should follow every single step because if you miss a step you might never get anything from zoto app. 
☑️ A master or visa card.
☑️ An Android phone. 
☑️ A little data. 
☑️ Always visit this blog every hour[Reason will be stated below]
1. First you need to download zoto app via this link here
2. Luanch the app.
3. Input your phone number that will be verified through OTP. 
4. You will also input your mail which will also be verified.
5. Get your master card,  and go to airtime at the top left corner of the app. 
6. Now since its your first time, you will recharge N50, you will need to input a referral code JASPEF.
Note: You wont earn any airtime without using a referral code. 
If you didn’t see the referral option, kindly tap account at the down right coner of the app.
7. After inputting everything, click on pay N50 securely, and you will be redirected to where you will input your master card details.
8. Trust me, its very safe, i have been using it for a very long time. Kindly input your details.
9. You will generate a code. After generating the code, your money will be deducted from your bank account and transferred to your account balance.
Because its your first recharge using a referral code you will give N100 worth of airtime free.
That is you will get N150 in total. 
If you have read my post from the beginning, i made mension of visiting mrjef.com blog on a daily basis. Zoto gives out coupon codes that enables you get upto ten times your recharge.
I will be posting zoto latest coupons code here, when you visit this blog, on the first page you will see zoto coupons codes. All you need to do is to visit this blog every hour.
Now that you have seen how to earn from zoto, you should share to all your friends and family.
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