How To Double Your Recharge Using Opera Pay For Mtn, Airtel, Glo And 9mobile.[New Way]

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New update: The opera pay has ended the double recharge offer, there are other apps that gives free airtime, all you need to do is to stay glued to this blog.
Its a good thing when you recharge your network and you get double of your recharge.
For example, you recharge 100naira and get 100naira extra, which is applicable to all networks. Am going to be showing you how to get 100% airtime bonus on all networks using operepay.
Operapay is developed by opera software ie the owner of opera mini browser is also the owner of opera pay. This website permits you to recharge online via your ATM card. You may think that it’s just like bonus airtime that it’s can’t be used to subscribe, share etc. The bonus airtime is like normal airtime that can be used to subscribe and do everything that airtime can do.
When recharging via this site, you will get double of your recharge using opera pay [OP].
You may ask a question if its safe to use? Hmmm, for i think its safe why because its been owned and developed by opera software, so no qualms. Tested and trusted by many bloggers, I post what am sure of.
☑️First you need to Open on your browser and tap on the menu icon. Like a three bars at the top of the site.
☑️Next, click on sign in and enter your respective phone number which will
receive a one time password[OTP] to enable you login in. Sign up option is never provided for this site.
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☑️Next, tap on airtime then enter the phone number you wish to purchase airtime for.
Note; its not compulsory to have an account with opera pay, you can delete the account after purchasing your airtime.
☑️ Next, enter the amount of Airtime you wish to purchase, for a start i will suggest you try 100naira.
☑️Next, you will need to select a payment form like Mastercard, Visa, M-PESA etc. I will advise you to choose Mastercard payment option for faster and reliable payment. Not all cards works for it. I prefer gtb for this transaction.
☑️Finally, pay as given details by OperaPay.
You 100% airtime bonus will be credited to you instantly.
Now like i said earlier that if you think opera pay is not secured to your satisfaction, you can simply delete your account with them.
Opera pay i guess is a good platform to getting free airtime, opera pay can help in your monthly subscription. Like if you spend 1000naira on subscription, you will need to recharge 500naira from opera pay and you will get 1000naira worth of airtime.
So you have seen how to get double of your airtime recharge, simply share to your respective social networks.
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