Itel It6110 Full Specifications And Review[India].

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Back in those days when button phones was trending, just like nokia torch light phones and other small button phones that was the most used then. Uptil now, some phone manufacturers have decided not to leave the good old days of producingcool and nice phone, phone manufacturers like ite7l, tecno, infinix who are still producing yet affordable and reliable phones. Itel has taken the lead by producing yet a small buttoned phones with amazing specifications ie these specs can almost be compared to That of andriod specs also.

Now, itel it6110 is a new phone that was produced by itel company that will suit virtually everyones need, its comes amazing specs like 1200mAhbattery that can last for a couple of days. it6110 phone is a very good and affordable phones that can suit our need, normally, when we get an Android phone, we will apparently need a small phone as a backup incase the android phone is not something you could carry about.

Below are the detailed specs for itel it6110, price is not available for now.


  • Shocking Slim Body structure.
  • Bright Led Torch Light for good visibility.
  • 1000 Contacts worth of Storage.
  • Display – 2.4”Screen. Not that bad.
  • Rear Camera With Flash. Not a clear camera though, but still good.
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  • Built-in Facebook App, not all small phones comes with this.
  • Wireless FM. Listen to your favorite radio stations.
  • 32Mb ROM 32Mb RAM, up to 32GB.
  • 1200mAh Battery that can last for at least 3days or even more depending on your usage.

I have Just showed you the key specs of itel it6110, but unfortunately, this phone is currentlyavailable only im India. Being that itel has not yet gone round the world unlike Samsung, LG, sony etc.

We hope That soon, this phone will be available worldwide. But there areother phones that can only suit your need.

To get these phones, walk down to any phone shop outlets and select your choice of phones. In conclusion, itel it6110 specs is a very good and affordable phone for those at india, one basic thing i like about the phone is the slimness and also the battery capacity.

Now that you have seen the key specs for itel it6110, are you going topurchase it if its available in your country? For me, absolutely yes and i guess the price in Nigeria is about 15,000naira or even more.

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