How Whatsapp Makes Their Money[Amazing]

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WhatsApp was founded in 2009 by Brian Actonand Jan Koum. The app usually allows users to upload their phone contact  and the ability to message anyone who has the app installed at zero cost. The app is available for iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, Windows Phones, Nokia phones. 
A lot of people don’t know how the most powerful social media Whatsapp make their money. And it is so obvious that the proposed social media does not contain any advert also known as ads such as Google ads, sponsored ads and many more. People think that Whatsapp don’t make any money from their app, lol, they make millions yearly. Read on… 
Unlike facebook and instagram that contains loads of ads which fetches income for them. 
Whatsapp which has over 1billion users worldwide and expected to contain some ads which till today it has no advert. But today am exposing the secrete behind Whatsapp I.e. the secrete behind their massive income they make.
The number way the make money is via selling our data. Do you know that, most of our contacts are being sold to telecommunications companies, the messages and media files are being sold out? This is the reason why you should be careful of what you send on Whatsappp. 
Now when we chat we consume data when we send images we consume data when we send documents, videos, apps etc these consumes data these data is being converted to physical money how? It might be that 1kb=0.001$ now when you use 10mb your network provider e.g. MTN airtel will first take their share then the reaming will go to Whatsapp. This is what people thinks but I don’t really agree to that. The data we use has nothing to do with their income.
Do you know that Whatsappis not free in some countries forget the fact that we Nigerians are enjoying Whatsapp for free countries like India pay $1 or more per year to renew their account and if there are about 1million people using Whatsapp in India you know how much Whatsapp will make a year and it’s not only India that pays per year other countries do also. Whatsappp wanted to start that subscription in Nigeria, but there has always been an excuse.
Now in Google play store there is a certain amount of downloads you will reach and Google starts paying you actually the number of downloads is 500,000—1,000,000 downloads then Google start paying you. This is apparently a way Whatsapp make their money. Though to reach 500,000 downloads on Google Play Store is not easy at all.
So you now know how Whatsapp make their money. Your friends might not know this, why don’t you share to your friends. If you have other means they get their money you can drop your comments.
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  1. Bro, I don't think the first illustration is it. The data you subscribe isn't shared like you said. Have you asked yourself the same question when you download music from other websites? Do you think your MB converted to cash? Hell NO!! Our ISP are link to Mega ISP for Internet license (Majorly Israel). The MB we buy is like a retail unit of what is bought from these Mega ISP. It doesn't have to do with what app we use it for.

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