Mtn, Airtel, Glo And 9mobile Free Browsing Cheats May 2018.[Review]

Good  day my lovely readers.

Happy new month everyone.
This month shall be a month of prosperity in our lives.

Everyone is always looking for a way to browse for free, sometimes when free browsing tricks comes up, some guys don't love to unleash it due to the fact that it might get blocked. For example, a lot of cheats have gotten blocked because they post them on nairaland and there are agents in nairaland.

Only few bloggers like we, do release those free browsing tricks. Another thing is that when free browsing tricks is available, we should endeavor not to post on sites like nairaland and many other popular social networks and forums.

For this month of May, we will try and work hard to get free browsing tricks for all networks, so what you just need to the stay glued to this blog.

The cheats listed below is based on review of most of the cheats that worked for us between last year and this year. Most of them are not working anymore but we are still trying to get new cheats.

So MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile free browsing cheat for May 2018 will be updated on this page, so bookmark this page and refresh this page always.


Like I said earlier that we are working on getting free browsing cheats for MTN May 2018, currently there are no free browsing for MTN, but check how to get 2000% bonus on calls and check out MTN data plans for May 2018.


If you can remember Airtel porting cheats that allows you get 2gb for 100naira, the problem there was that it's can't accumulate it. If you want to know more about Airtel porting cheat, click here. Like I said earlier that this is just a review of most of the cheats that worked well.


As at January, we looked on 9mobile magic sim, 9mobile free browsing using yoga VPN, 9mobile free browsing using go vpn, these were the ones that were working perfectly.
This month of May, you can download free with 9mobile whatsvpn app. Click here to see settings.


After glo reduced their glo reduced their data plans, a lot of people redrew from glo and switched to other networks, back then as at last year, glo 0.0k was working perfectly, I must say that I really enjoyed it and we are trying to bring back such free browsing cheats this month. 

So these are the reviews that are available now, all networks are trying to be more conscious so that they won't be any loop hole at all.

Like I said earlier, stay glued to this blog, you can join our WhatsApp group or like our Facebook page for instant updates or better still, download our Android app for efficient update.

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9mobile Unlimited Free Downloads Using Whatsvpn App 2018.

Good day my lovely readers.

Happy new month. New unlimited free downloads on 9mobile for may 2018. Let me brief you about this cheat. 

✔You can download unlimited.

️✔Though it's kind of slow but with patience you can download all your files. 

️✔️No airtime needed to activate it. 

Let's go straight to the main point. 


1. Download the following apps.. 
WhatsVPN on Playstore here
Download Advanced Download Manager (ADM) here

2.  launch your WhatsVPN app, change the
country to “Canada“.

3. Switch on your 9mobile mobile data
connection and tap on “Connect“.

4. Next, go to that website you want to download your file or movie, and copy the  Download link of the file or movie. 

5.  Next, launch your ADM app tap on the “ ” sign and paste it to start downloading the file.

Like I said earlier that it might be slow, but with patience, you can achieve your download.

Read also.... Free 4gb on Airtel 

If you can follow the steps, you can download unlimited.

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Topbuzz Review, How To Make Money On Topbuzz. How To Redraw On Topbuzz.

Good day my lovely readers.
A lot of us are yet to know this platform called topbuzz. Topbzz is simply a social network just like YouTube where you can upload videos and content and you get paid for doing that. 

How this actually works is that, you sign up for topbuzz,  get videos you think can make people watch no matter what, upload such videos. 

You might ask, this topbzz is it a scam or it's legit? How do I get paid on topbuzz? How do I earn fast on topbzz? Well all this questions will be answered here. 

First have it at the back of your mind that topbuzz is never a scam, they are 100% legit. Below are some screenshots for proves. 
Next question is how to redraw your money on topbuzz? Currently now, topbuzz is only meant for those in USA, but the good news is that people from other countries do use it but they get paid via PayPal account. So you need a PayPal account before you get paid on topbuzz.

Next question is how do I earn fast on topbuzz? To earn fast on topbzz, post funny videos every day or funny contents, you can copy content from Nigeria blogs. 


1. First click on this link to register or go to
2. You will be asked to choose between your facebook, twitter or Gmail. It's advisable to choose facebook account.

3. After that, start posting videos o n topbuzz and you start earning.

When you reach 100$, simply go to payment and add your PayPal details, after that you can redraw.

This is just the little I have to say about topbuzz.

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How To Sell Your Product On Jumia [New Method 2018]

Good day my lovely viewers.

Ecommerce has become something that is very popular now, being the fact that we are in the 21st century and things are going digital. Gone as those days when your business will only be known where your shop is. This apparently means that your business is only on that location its built and no other person can know about your business except people around your shop.

Right now, things has really change, your business can be known worldwide, people can order for your goods worldwide and it will get delivered at their door step. Your business can also be promoted online on social media like Facebook, twitter, whatsapp and YouTube. What actually amaze me is that this platforms are actually free unless you want to reach millions of people.

Let’s stop stories and face why we are here. Now today am going to teach you how you how to sell your product on jumia, yes its 100% possible to sell your product on jumia. Now you might think that all the products on jumia is only owned by jumia executives, not all products are owned by jumia some of them are owned by companies who tends use jumia as a means to advertise their products.
Jumia is one of the biggest ecommerce store in Nigeria with at least 1million trusted buyers and sellers. In fact jumia has really made name in Nigeria. Its advisable that if you want to buy or sell FAST, you should jumia as a platform because it’s very effective.

Most people that use this platform are those who tends to import goods from other countries and apparently they don’t have shapes to sell their goods, therefore they use jumia to sell their products.


1. You should have a good smartphone or a laptop. Let’s be frank, I prefer laptop for good effectiveness.

2. You will need images of your product. For convince sake, get up to 6 images with good quality and your brand name should be there.

3. As times goes on, you will need little capital because jumia will have a percentage of what you sell.

If you have all these requirements, then you are good to go.


1. First you need to sign up as a vendor. You can do that by clicking here. When you sign up, you can have access to your store where you can upload you products.

2. Once your store is ready, jumia will start redirecting customers to your product depending on your niche. You can also promote your products on social media. Jumia also allows you to update your prize in the seller center.

3. This next step is kind of tasking. When someone orders for something, it’s your duty to deliver your product to jumia warehouse within 24hours so that jumia will ship your product to the buyer.

4. After confirmation, the product will be shipped and you will be paid 7days after delivery. These are just the steps to sell on jumia. Don’t forget you are to pay a commission for each goods you upload on jumia, so do well to make your estimates before venturing into this. Yes, this post is helpful please share…


You Are Damaging Your Android Phone, See How[shocking]

Good day my lovely readers.

Getting an Android phone is one thing and another thing is keeping it in a good condition. 

Do you know that there are some things you do that actually damages your phone? You may call it little thing but when you check in depth, you will actually discover that these things damage your phone badly.

Have you asked yourself why your smartphone damages just like that without any external forces? It's as a result of what you did that caused the damage. 

Apparently, there are some preventive measures you need to take in other to prevent damages from your smartphone.

I have successfully drafted at least 6 ways In which you are indirectly damaging you phone. All you need to do is to go through the ways, anyone you tend to fall victim, try to amend it. 


1. Playing games or making of calls while charging.

You might think it's a usual thing or it's normal, my lovely readers, it's very bad. While doing g this, you are increasing the temperature of your Android phone thereby causing hazard on your phone.  It's might not be visible now but later in future. Try to prevent this. 

2. Downloading android apps from untrustworthy website.

Yes, many of us are victims to this including me. The truth is that most of theses sites are virus infected and when you download from this site, you tend to welcome virus on your android phone. Stay away from untrustworthy sites. If at all you wish to download from sites, I will recommend and or better still download from Google Play Store.

3. Putting your Android phone in your pocket especially tight pocket.

It's funny right? I must confess that's a bad thing to do. For crying out loud, it's called handset not pocketset. When you put your Android phone in your tight pocket, this happens when you put on jeans. You tend to add pressure to your Android and may cause malfunction. It's advisable to hold it in your hand to prevent damages.

4. Placing your Android phone under pillow while sleeping.

Yes these things are funny but they are the truth. I have heard several cases where such things happened. I see no reason why you should do such thing. Do you know that phones I mean android phones do explode? This is one of the reasons. Try to switch off your phone if at all you want to put it under your pillow. 

< 5. Turning your phone off or rebooting your phone. 

Do you know that if your phone or Android phone is on all the time it's tends to compile caches on your android phone which takes a lot of space on your android phone. So switching off your phone sometimes helps to clear caches on your phone and free up some space.

6. Draining and over charging your android phone.

Draining your battery it's not cool at all, at least it's should have some left over power in it. Also overcharging. People think that the more you charge, the higher it's last. Very big lie. Instead, the more you charge, the more you reduce the life span of your battery.

So you have seen what actually damage your phone gradually.

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Your Android Battery Don't Last Long? See How To Fix It

Good day my lovely readers.

About 80% of the world is currently using android devices. One of the specs people check before they buy themselves an Android phone is the battery capacity.

Having a good android phone with amazing specs is not actually the problem, but making the battery last for a longer time is the talk of the day. 

This is why we now have power banks that helps us power our Android phone when it's low. Apart from having a power bank as a substitute, there are some preventive measures we need to note for our battery to last longer.

Do you know that even those phones with high battery capacity, if you don't take preventive measures, they may never last at all. A person using a 2000mah battery capacity phone can longer than he or she expected, it's depends on you. 

Am going to be writing on how to make your battery last longer. It's has been tested and trusted, all you need to do is to read the instructions very well and am sure you will get good results.


1. Don't use any other charger apart from the charger it's came with your phone. 

This is the mistake a lot of people do make. They try to outsmart the manufacturer by using a different charger which can lead to damage of the battery. I inspected this problem and found out the reason why people do this. They do this all because the initial charger don't charge their phone fast and yes it's true, there was a reason why it's was made that way. So please make use of charger recommended by the manufacturer

2. Don't charge your phones on high voltage. 

Most times, we might notice an increase in voltage, don't try to charge your phone at that moment because you are damaging your phone. Make sure the voltage is always stable before charging. Even at low voltage, don't charge your phone. 

3. Uninstall unnecessary apps on your phone.

People download apps that they think will help them save their battery. Lies upon lies. There is NO android apps that helps to save your battery instead they reduce your battery capacity. Those apps are simply camouflaged.

4. Operating your phone while charging it. 

Most common way in which people reduces their battery capacity. The worst is when someone is playing high definition games while charging. This is very bad, if you wanna charge please charge your phone, there is time for everything. When you are doing that, you are killing your battery gradually.

5. Putting on the flash light of your phone all the time.

Yes, this kills battery. That light you put on takes more battery capacity than you think. If you doubt me put on your flash for about 30mins. Although it's depends on the intensity of your light. It's advisable not to put on your flashlight all the time. 

So you have seen what makes your battery drain faster, try to take preventive measures.

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Get Your Post Indexed On Google Search Engine[New Method 2018]

Good day my lovely readers.

Lately, I have been writing on android tips, network tips and many more. I just decided to write about blogging today. Read and enjoy.

One thing so joyful about blogging is seeing your blog post on Google Search engine. Not only that, when you check your traffic stats and you see that most of your traffic is coming from Google Search engines.

One thing is writing a unique post and another thing is getting it index on search engines.

Something you must note about google indexing your post is that you need to consider some factors before you get your post indexed. Most bloggers think that after writing a post, you now submit your site to google webmaster tools, it's doesn't really work like that. Though it's one of the factors. 

Am writing on how to get your post indexed I'm Google Search engine or how to see your blog post appear on the first page of Google Search engine.

When I started blogging, I didn't know about this, I wasn't even concerned about getting traffic from search engine. What I just needed was see traffic from facebook and Whatsappp. I started making research on search engine optimization popularly known as SEO, I read a lot of blog post, watched YouTube videos and also asked questions. I discovered how to get your post on Google Search engine which is what I will be reviewing to you. 


Like I said earlier that you actually need to consider some factors before this can be executed....

1. Know what your audience needs. 

This is a very important factor you need to consider. If you don't know what your audience needs, you keep writing post that are irrelevant. In summary, provide solutions to problems, look for what people are searching for and it's yet to be online.

2. Write unique and lengthy post. 

After knowing what your audience needs, for example you know your audience needs guide on how to create a blog, it's time you write a lengthy post on that with at least 500words. In the process of writing the post, input your keywords there. Make sure you make paragraphs when necessary, underline sub headings and so on. 

3. Submit your post to the appropriate site. 

After writing your post, submit your post to the right site. The first site that should come into your mind is google webmaster tools, yes, you need to submit your site to it. The next site to submit your site is Many don't know about this site. This site reminds google that you have submitted your post. 

4. Get reasonable backlinks from authority sites. 

This is the last step, after getting what your audience needs, writing unique and lengthy post and submitting them to the appropriate site, next is to get backlink from site, I will recommend you get those backlink from sites or blogs similar to yours.

So you have seen how to make your blog post appear on Google Search engine.

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